12 Times Nigerian Pre-Wedding Shoots Were Just Extra

July 14, 2016

1. This one where the bride was basically flying up and down.

Because sitting down is too much stress.

2. This couple that doesn’t understand why there are locks on toilet doors.

Na wa!

3. This couple that decided this calabash was too heavy for one of them to carry.

They found love by the riverside.

4. These ones that were doing bad things in the corner.

See how people are looking at them.

5. This groom that was doing yoga in the air.

As per yoga master.

6. This couple that were the only black people in their own shoot.

What’s happening here?

7. These ones that were doing shakara in the village.

See wahala.

8. These ones that staged a kidnap scene.

On top wedding again?

9. This I-must-be-Sango-by-force groom.

So extra!

10. These ones that kuku went all the way underwater to take their own pictures.

As per dry land is not fine enough for them.

11. These ones that were just unserious.

They need that red card in real life.

12. This couple kuku went to shoot a music video.

As per they’re no longer anybody’s mates.

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