12 Things Every Nigerian Woman Of ‘Marriageable Age’ Will Relate To

December 6, 2016

1. When you clock 20 years and your relatives start asking of ‘your husband’

Which husband did you give me, please?

2. When everyone in your squad suddenly decides to get married

I thought we were in this together.

3. How your mom gives you side-eye when your friends bring their aso-ebi

“What are you still dong with your life?”

4. You, when your younger cousins now want to get married too

You people are not playing with this marriage thing sha.

5. You and all the people in your squad that are not planning to get married yet:

Just me!

6. When you go to a wedding and you see your uncles and aunties coming

Let them not bring their wahala here.

7. How your mom does night vigil for you everyday

“I cast and bind every spirit that is blocking my child’s marriage!”

8. When you now announce that you want to do your masters, your whole family is like

“Is it masters we asked you for?”

9. You, when nosy people ask ‘why aren’t you married yet?’

Mind your business!

10. You, when your friends arrange the hundredth blind date for you

What is all this nonsesnse?

11. When your mum starts talking about your ticking biological clock

Everything is now about ‘biological clock’!

12. When you do something wrong and your mom starts with ‘that’s why you’re not married’

Has it reached like that?

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