12 Presidential Campaign Posters That Were Pure Lies

May 9, 2017

We know that politics is a messy game and politicians can never be trusted. When it comes down to it, they’ll tell you whatever you want to hear that will get you to put your guard down.

And then after they’ll come and be doing you anyhow.

Their campaign speeches and posters are always full of promises. Then when they get into power, they’ll start to change mouth.

Just look at these 12 campaign posters from the 2015 elections and see all the lies that full everywhere.
Bros Ambode promised to “make Lagos work for all”, but the people of Otodo Gbame community beg to disagree. Lagos is not working for them at all. Like, not one bit.
So many promises for “a better society”, but markets are getting demolished “by mistake”. Is it fair? No, is it fair?
These ones promised us electricity, affordable kerosine and security. How much more electricity and kerosine have we had? Just how much more secure do we feel?
Zero corruption? Discipline? Of who? By who?
Are our passports not still being made in Malaysia? And what about the GEO bill that has been lingering in the Senate forever? What is being done about it?
Maybe this campaign poster was seeing into the future, because it cannot be a representation of any kind of reality; whether past or current. Which inflation went down? Is it the one in formerly rotund bellies heavy with food? Okay, okay…maybe it’s that one.
Eyss, just move away with your nonsense trust. Is it you that cannot trust Naija doctors to take care of you? We should now trust you to do what? You’re looking for our trust, where is your own?
Erm..there’s sha still bad roads now. Infact, worse roads sef. So…hafa?
I’m not even sure which generation they’re talking about.
Which good term? No vacancy ko, no accommodation ni. Isn’t it another person that is there now?
This one is just a big WAWU! All the many incidences of Fulani Herdsmen attacks and religious killings, how many have been addressed personally by the Government? Abeg, abeg…comot for here.
Hmm! Only saviour indeed! In that case Nigeria is already doomed then. If her “only saviour” has left for medical checkup. How will we ever survive? Who will deliver us?

Nigerian politicians are just one kind, and this next post is proof:


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