12 Make-Up Fails That Are Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

July 29, 2016

1. The pink party gone wrong.

She now added awful metallic lipstick to complete the horror.

2. Eyebrows gone wrong!

How thick can eyebrows get? This mama decided to find out.

3. Another pink horror!

Theory is one thing, the reality is another thing.

4. Colour me confused.

A make-up representation of Joseph’s coat of many colours.

5. The great neon surprise.

What is that neon orange she coloured on top of her black eyeshadow? Why?

6. The V shaped brows.

Maybe she just wants to look really really really surprised.

7. The ghost of makeup fails.

Her foundation is in the shade “methylated powder”.

8. Colouring book: The Makeup edition.

Just coloured the eyes and lips jagga jagga anyhow!

9. Panda Bear Eyes.

The ojuju calabar smokey eye.

10. When everything goes wrong.

Powder – NO! Eyebrows – NOPES! Eyeshadow – Another NO!! Blush- Another NOPES!!

11. The case of the leopard print lips.

In what world was that a good idea?

12. These fantastically awful eyebrows.

So shame!

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