11 Struggles Only Slow Eaters Will Understand

November 3, 2016

1. When your friends finish their food and you’re still on the second bite.

How do you people eat your own food, abeg?

2. How your friends look at you when you’re still eating after one hour.

Please, I can’t be rushed o!

3. When you’re at a restaurant and the waiter keeps coming to clear up before you’re done.

Can’t you see I’m still enjoying my food?

4. You and cold food are always like:

Your food always feels like ice block before you finish eating.

5. When your ice cream melts before you even get half way.

The pain!

6. You, when people ask why you eat so slowly.

Because I can, oya come and beat me.

7. When you now try to change and eat fast, you’re like:

I have done myself!

8. When your fast eater friends start begging for your food like:

“Let me help you finish the food now.”

9. You, every time the ‘food over’ bell was rung in secondary school.

You only took two spoons of rice…

10. When you’re eating with bae, and he asks if you’ll finish your food.

My friend, leave me alone!

11. When you finally meet a slow eater like you.

You can talk and gist over lunch!

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