11 Stages Of Accepting Your Baldness

May 5, 2017

1. You’ll be in denial when people start telling you that your hair is thinning at the top of your head.

Shut up joor. I’m only 17.

2. You look at your Afro in the mirror and you think to yourself that you can NEVER be bald.

With all this hair? All these people are haters abeg.

3. You’ll blame the barber every time he carves the edges of your hair and it doesn’t grow back properly.

This barber sef no sabi cut hair!

4. One day you’ll decide to lower your Afro at the barbershop and it will never grow back to the former height again.


5. You start thinking of all the ways you can fight baldness.

Didn’t Rooney the footballer have a hair transplant?

6. Then you remember that unlike Rooney, you’re broke and can’t afford hair transplant.

This life sha.

7. You’ll buy one of those creams that promise fast hair growth.

It’ll work. It contains 100% Indian hemp. I have faith.

8. This is you when you find out that you’ve lost even more hair since you started using the cream.


9. You’ll look at old pictures of yourself from when you still had hair and ask God why this is happening to you.

Who did I offend?

10. Eventually you’ll give in and accept your fate.

Nature, do whatever you want with me.

11. Then just like 2Face, you start shaving your head completely. You’re finally at peace with your baldness.

Acceptance is the key to being truly free.

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