11 Reasons Nigerian Weddings Are The Worst

January 6, 2016

Nigerian weddings are one of the most common avenues to really turn up. But then, it’s never always about the Jollof rice or beautiful bridesmaids.

They can be one of the worst events to ever attend. Here are 11 annoying things about Nigerian weddings.

1. They are usually very crowded.

Because, Nigerians will find a way to sneak into a strictly by invitation event.

2. …And time wasting.

You probably will spend more than 6 hours of your life in a loud wedding depending on how much African time is spent.

3. Lord! The overpriced Aso ebi.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that you cannot wear that same Aso ebi to another wedding because you have to keep buying more Aso ebi.

4. Expenses! Expenses! Expenses!

With expensive Aso ebi comes expenses like a nice clutch, face beat because your face has to slay, shoes and let’s not even talk about tailor charges.

5. The many stages and tiresome procedures.

The introduction dress, traditional/engagement dress,  church/Nikkah dress and reception dress. Kilode!

6. Not getting served Jollof rice because you didn’t buy Aso ebi.

Yes! People get petty like that.

7. Weddings MCs are boring and tell the worst jokes.

When will this trash end?

8. The annoying people that steal all the drinks and small chops at the table.

You have eaten your fear of God with the small chops, abi?

9. Getting criticised for dressing hotter than the bride.

You can’t unlock your full potential at a Nigerian wedding.

10. The low chances of getting seized.

Nigerian weddings are the fields where seeds of heartbreak are sown. Ironic abi?

11. Dealing with those “Your own is next” comments.

Wipe the stupidity off your mouth please.

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