10 Times You Need To Mind Your Business

January 12, 2017

1. When your parents are arguing and suddenly look at you for support.

2. When the bus conductor slaps the passenger beside you.

3. When you see your oga’s wife kissing someone else at a restaurant.

4. When you see your cousin’s husband at a shopping mall with one babe … that is not your cousin.

5. When you hear your neighbour talking about putting his family’s savings into the next batch of MMM.

6. When you overhear your in-law’s dad talking about his second family in Magodo that no one knows about.

7. When you see your pastor’s daughter climbing pole in the club.

8. When you overhear your landlord’s son trying to sell one of his father’s houses in the village without his consent.

9. When you see a sack letter for your manager on a HR colleague’s laptop.

10. When your boss’s wife slaps him outside the office for chasing small girls.

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