10 Times In Life When It’s Better To Be A Fat Person

June 5, 2017

1. People get to call you cool nicknames like


2. Your size makes you look more intimidating.

If you’re not tall, this won’t work for you. Sorry

3. As a guy, girls will love you because you will be like a giant teddy bear.

It’s a proven fact that fat people give the best hugs.

4. You get to take up enough space in public transport.

Other people don’t matter. If they complain. tell them to buy their own car if they want more space.

5. You will hardly ever feel cold.

During Harmattan, other people will wish they had the extra layers you have.

6. Fat people float easily in water. So if you’re ever on a boat or ship that sinks, you’ll float.

While all the skinny people drown around you.

7. Fat people are harder to kidnap.

In other words, eat all the cake you can.

8. Other fat people will always have your back.


9. You will always get to ride in the front seat of the car.

Because sharing the backseat with 2 or (in extreme cases) 3 other people won’t be an option.

10. Date a fat person and you will never need pillows again.

Fat people make the best pillows. I mean, imagine sleeping on that stomach!

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