10 Times Kelechi Anyikude Showed His True Nigerian Colours On ArsenalFanTv

March 7, 2016

Kelechi Anyikude, a Nigerian who is really passionate about his favorite football team, Arsenal FC.

Besides trolling other football teams and being a regular on ArsenalFanTV, Kelechi is also studying for his Ph.D at University of Leeds as an Energy & Environment Researcher.

Not letting his love for Arsenal come between his beloved motherland Nigeria, Kelechi goes to watch his favourite team wearing clothes with an African touch most of the time.

Here are 10  times he flaunted his Nigerian-ness on ArsenalFanTv:

1. When he knelt and prayed for the deliverance of Arsenal FC.

2. When his reaction after an Arsenal win was too lit.

3. When he mercilessly trolled Chelsea FC and Diego Costa.

4. Whn he called Jose Mourinho weak and naive.

5. And a specialist in failure.

6. And was unapologetically Nigerian.

7. He generously offered Arsene Wenger his cheque book to buy better players for the next season.

8. When he gave his own rendition of Olamide’s Melo Melo after Arsenal lost to West Ham.

9. This sad video of him giving up on Arsene Wenger.

10. Arsenal FC will always be his bae sha.

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