10 Times Aki And Paw-Paw Reminded Us Of Our Little Brothers

August 3, 2016

1. How your mother dresses them for church:

Whether or not they are twins, they must do “and co”.

2. When either of your brothers are asked about you:

“Very wicked girl oh!”

3. When you promise to bring them a present after work:

4. What they think they look like after one visit to the gym:

Mscheww. Dreamers!

5. How they behave when you get in trouble:

So much joy and happiness!

6. When they try to look innocent when you catch them doing something wrong:

“No oh, we did not break it on purpose!”

7. When you forget to lock your room, you come back and meet them like this:

Because everything in the house is for playing!

8. Your brothers after a long day of looking for trouble and causing wahala everywhere:

They need the energy for tomorrow’s shenanigans.

9. When you tell them to pose for a picture they’re like:

Zikoko’s next top models!

10. When you ask them where they got something you’ve never seen before:

They don’t know how to be serious sha.

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