10 Times Nkem Owoh Reminded Us Of Our Village Uncle

August 26, 2016

1. His stance when talking to you and your siblings:

Always pointing even if you are right in front of him.

2. When your dad asks him what he used the money that was meant for a family business to do, he’s like:

“Ehn? Which money?”

3. When you tell him you are on a diet.

“What is that one?”

4. When you try to rush him into the car.

What does that even mean?

5. His favourite mode of transportation.

Only God can separate him from his bicycle.

6. When he is still trying to feel young and decides to play football with your cousins.

Later he will be complaining of body aches and pains.

7. When your parents are talking to him about something he did wrong, he’s like:

Feeling sorry for himself!

8. When his children tell him they need money.

For what?

9. When he is plotting a new reason to come and disturb you people in your house.

“Ehen you know I had a dream so I said let me just come and check that all is well.”

10. His idea of romance:

“Sweet girl I can carry you anywhere, honestly!”

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