10 Things That Are Too Real For Every Nigerian Muslim During Christmas

December 23, 2015

1. When you tell people you don’t celebrate Christmas they be like

What type of childhood did you have?

2. When you say you still believe in Jesus though

Is that a thing?

3. You, as a child when you watched other kids wearing their fine clothes on Christmas day

I’ll have my revenge during Eid.

4. When people expect you to know every Christmas carol


5. When others are getting into the Christmas mood

why are you people so happy all of a sudden?

6. Preparing for all the awesome events during the period like

My body is ready!

7. When your boss wants you to work during the holidays because you don’t celebrate Christmas

Let’s not be unfortunate please.

8. While others are getting turned up on the 25th

Wake me up on the 27th.

9. You, plotting graphs on how to devour all the plates of jollof you will receive

10. When the food finally arrives with big pieces of chicken

You guys are the MVP sha.

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