10 Things Every Nigerian Experiences During Christmas

1. When you realise that you don’t have enough money for Christmas

Drinking garri throughout January doesn’t sound very pleasant.

2. And the person you struggled to get an expensive gift gives you a really cheap one in return

Deodorant? Really?

3. Then the price of everything in the market doubles

When will the expenses end please?

4. And the IJGBs return and start oppressing you

Nice ‘accent’.

5. And you can’t just seem to find the Christmas cheer

Perhaps there’s there’s some underneath the mountain of bills.

6. Then you remember your boss asked you to work on Christmas day

What is life really?

7. And you have to deal with annoying guests

Can’t you celebrate in your own house? Just eat and be going!

8. Not to mention the traffic you have to face everywhere you go

Where did all these extra humans come from?

9. Then you receive hampers filled with clutter

Such a thoughtful gift indeed.

10. And you have to attend 1000 Christmas parties on the same day

Nobody wants to die.

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