10 Struggles You’ll Definitely Relate With If You’re A Wrestling Fan

October 7, 2016

1. You, when its time for Smack Down.

My joy is full.

2. When two people you love are fighting.

To support John Cena or Roman Reigns?

3. When you’re enjoying a match on your own and someone wants to change the channel.

Are you alright?

4. When your friends start asking why you’re watching WWE at your age.

Because Y has two branches and one tail.

5. When someone chooks mouth and says wrestling is fake.

Who asked this one?

6. When a match is bringing you joy but you have no one to share it with.

Nobody understands.

7. How Twitter people react when you tweet about wrestling.

Na you people sabi o!

8. All of the people you know who love wrestling like you.

Me, myself and I.

9. When you realize female wrestlers are actually more hardcore than the guys.

Charlotte is the MVP!

10. When they’re talking of wrestling and TNA people chook mouth.

You’re not in the league o!

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