10 Situations Nigerians Are In With Current Exchange Rates

February 20, 2016
During the past few months, we have seen the Naira drop in value against other currencies like a plane falling from the sky. Ridiculous! If you have had to do forex transactions you will understand these situations.

1. When you are planning to do masters abroad

Is it really worth it?

2. And you are thinking of a way to convince your parents to pay for it

Maybe God will touch their hearts.

3. When you finally tell them your plans

And you want to go to study fashion design or theatre in London? You need to go for deliverance!

4. Shopping for birthday clothes on a foreign website and your shopping cart is full

Is it not better to manage what I have? Let me #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira

5. When someone mistakenly asks you what you earn in Dollars

Please don’t do this.

6. When you see someone on your Instagram flaunting wads of foreign currency

Now following, pls kindly follow back sir. Epp Me.

7. When a Ghanaian says your country is now like Zimbabwe

Don’t let the devil use you today please!

8. When someone mentions travel abroad and vacation in the same sentence

Please carry your unfortunate self and go away.

9. When you realize Benin Republic, Ghana and Mozambique have stronger currencies

See our life! Why us? What an embarrassment!

10. When you realize you have one $100 or £50 in your vault from two years ago

Isn’t God good!! I’m laughing straight to the bank!

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