10 Reasons To Marry An Oyinbo Person

December 20, 2015
Getting married to someone from another race is a beautiful thing. Here are a few reasons why you should definitely get married to an “oyinbo” person.

1. Accent

Foreign accents sound so beautiful. Of course who does not want to have to hear a foreign accent every day and every evening when their partner is back from work or in bed.

2. Romance

We’ve heard that people from other parts of the world are more romantic partners. Well ladies you sure want those flowers and gifts. Guys, you also want those surprise PlayStation consoles and games. Go for it!

3. Adventure

Getting married to someone from a different country will give you an opportunity to explore another country as well as experience a culture different from yours. They say they love to explore new places.

4. True love

Most times when people get married from different backgrounds it is most likely real love for each other regardless of what anyone says. Chances are you guys will  be together forever.

5. Fancy wedding

We cannot overemphasize this. It is not every time that an oyinbo and a Nigerian get married. Your wedding will be the talk of the town. It will cause traffic. For this sole reason you should be convinced.

6. Bellanaija/Instagram wedding accounts coverage

Your wedding is not on the famous Instagram accounts? You are doing something wrong. Definitely getting married to a foreign person will attract attention, just make sure your photographer is amazing.

7. Different currencies at the wedding

Aha. You thought we will skip this. No. For sure the wedding reception will be financially standard with different currencies being sprayed the guests. In this economic crunch period… Are you convinced yet?

8. People will use your wedding photos as “goals”

We sure do all want to be role models, being tagged as “goals” is like an advanced level of being a role model. People will use you as a prayer point. Come on!

9. Mixed children

Think about it, your kids will be mixed. And social media is obsessed with mixed babies. They can do a photo shoot when they are six months. Imagine the endorsement requests.

10. Dual citizenship

You see the way foreigners passport colors are set up. They sure are not green. Getting married will make you a citizen of whatever country they are from. This reason can stand up to any rebuttal. Make sure it is done for love. Any other reason  makes it illegal. Disclaimer: This post is written in jest of the social media obsession with the mixed race life. Don’t take this too seriously. Or use it as your guide in choosing your spouse ?

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