10 Childhood Christmas Memories Every Nigerian Will Remember

1. Getting new clothes for Christmas.

Time to show everyone you’re the coolest kid.

2. Getting your hair specially made for Christmas.

This was the ultimate test of your dedication to beauty.

3. The fireworks!

You had to save all year for these.

4. Visiting Santa Claus aka Father Christmas.

Father Christmas was never jolly.

5. Going for NTA’s annual Christmas party for children.

Being on TV and giving shout outs to your friends was the only way to show that you were a cool kid.

6. The special Christmas rice and chicken.

Boxing day was basically a day to relax in the comfort of the toilet seat and regret bad decisions.

7. Getting Christmas money from uncles and aunties.

Cash money !

8. The annual Christmas carol held in school.

You had to be a cool kid to be Mary or Joseph.

9. Hearing Christmas carols being played everywhere.

They only sounded good the first two times.

10. Doing a tour of every relative’s house.

MERRY CHRISTMAS! What other childhood Christmas memories do you remember?

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