10 Times Some Of Our Favourite Celebrities Were Just Too Petty

April 12, 2016
Not every time form maturity, sometimes CAPSLOCK whoever it is that crossed your path. Forgiveness is for the sensible weak. In no particular order, here are 10 celebs who have been really petty:

1. Cynthia Morgan

Cynthia seems to be really good at one other thing besides being utterly annoying, clapping back! After Davido tweeted his support for Lil Kesh when he was nominated for Next Rated at the 2016 Headies, Cynthia jumped on his tweet and asked Davido to STFU. She posted a Snapchat video throwing shade and mimicking Davido after she won her own award.

2. Blac Chyna

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She is the greatest! After Tyga dumped her for 18 year old Kylie, she went on to date Kylie’s half brother, Rob and is currently engaged to him. She has been tensioning the world with her ring since.

3. Wiz Kid

When he’s not showing off his “toys” on Instagram, he’s calling the fans who made him popular broke and poor. He’s not ashamed to fight dirty and messy on social media. And no, please don’t say his house rent has expired o, ask Linda. And because only he knows why he put “kid” in his name, he resorts to calling people smelling pussy, and shaming them for being unmarried because of ordinary amebo.

4. Calvin Harris

When your girlfriend dumps you, take back everything you ever bought her. That’s what Calvin Harris did when he and Rita Ora split. She was supposed to perform a song they had both written while they were dating at the Teen Choice Awards.  However, he revoked her rights to the song just two days before her performance making her unable to sing during the Awards.

5. Mariah Carey

When she’s not showing off her high pitched voice level, she’s throwing epic shade at everybody. We don’t know what Jlo did to her oh, because Mariah has denied ever knowing her on several occasions all in the name of beef.

6. Ben Bruce

This businessman and senator will drag anyone that comes for him. We knew his fingers were made for Twitter pettiness when he dragged minister of transport, Rotimi Amaechi, on Twitter. He’s so petty, he screenshots hate tweets at him before tweeting appropriate clap backs.

7. 50 Cent

Curtis “50” Jackson, also known as King Petty, just never backs down from a fight. He once edited a sex tape of a woman, adding his own crude commentary to the clip before spreading it on the internet. Although that act alone cost him $6 million in a law suit, he has still dragged celebs like Meek Mill, Vivica Fox (his ex), Rick Ross, Diddy, and went as far as taunting Mayweather, calling him an illiterate. He even leaked a phone call conversation of a tearful Young Buck asking to be back on the G-Unit team.

8. Chris Brown

He’s that petty ex boyfriend that doesn’t won’t let you move on. One day, he’s calling his ex, Karrueche, untalented, the next minute he’s singing about how much he misses her. When he called Kehlani’s suicide attempt a sympathy stunt, Tinashe and a few others came for him. He didn’t even think of his few collabs with Tinashe when he wrote a petty response to her on his Instagram page.

9. Davido

Rather than sorting out his issues with his baby mama, he took the rofo rofo way out. When his baby mama, Sophie and her uncle Dele Momodu, used their connections to prevent his sister from taking their daughter out of the country, he kuku went and tweeted how he sent her 300k monthly for bearing his child and how she “took advantage” of his poor 21 year old self.

10. Kanye West

The king of pettiness himself! Is it how he kept dragging his ex Amber every chance he got? When he had beef with Wiz Khalifa, he still managed to drag her into the fight, saying Wiz wouldn’t have a child if not for him. And guess the petty cause of the fight, KK, Wiz Khalifa’s weed line. He actually thought Wiz was dragging his wife, Kim Kardashian, and that made him mad.

You people should carry on jare! The art of unlooking and maturity is too much stress whe you’re petty.

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