10 Annoying Things Light Skinned People Can Relate To

May 18, 2017

1. People will call you “Yellow Pawpaw” and expect you to smile because they think it’s cute.

Some will call you “Oyinbo”.  This is more annoying.

2. When you’re under the sun for too long, you will get stressed and turn red.

And end up looking like an angry tomato.

3. If you get slapped across the face, the person’s fingerprints will remain on your face.

Like those memory foam mattresses.

4. You will NEVER be able to blend in anywhere.

You will stick out like a sore thumb. A yellow sore thumb.

5. Which is why you should never join bad gang. When you all do bad stuff and try to escape, you are the only one the authorities will remember.

And you will take the fall.

6. If you’re terrible with faces, people will easily remember you and you won’t remember them.

You will try and explain yourself but they will just believe that your proud.

7. If you’re a guy, girls will just assume that you’re a player.

“Babe! Gimme a chance na!”

8. If you’re a girl, every guy will assume you have a bad attitude.


9. People will meet you and automatically assume you’re Igbo because all Igbo people are light skinned apparently.

This one isn’t annoying. It just makes no damn sense. Like, why? Why is this even a thing?

10. Idiots will make jokes about how you shouldn’t have kids with another light skinned person because then all your kids will end up being as bright as the sun.

Don’t be deceived by that image above. That was a terrible joke but you will laugh whenever you hear it because you don’t want to be rude. Being a good person is hard.

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