10 Absolutely Terrifying Moments In The Life Of The Average Nigerian

May 31, 2017

1. When you just arrived at the party and you hear jollof rice has finished.

2. When you’re next in line at your favourite bukka and they say the dodo has finished.

3. When you just get down from a cab and you can’t find your phone/wallet.

4. When the Danfo conductor asks you for your money and you can’t find your wallet.

5. Driving past Redemption Camp during a convention.

6. When you use your last money to go to the ATM and it says, “temporarily unable to dispense cash”.

7. When you get a debit alert but the ATM said transaction unsuccessful.

8. When your Nigerian parents call you by your full name.

9. Driving through Lekki during the rainy season.

10. When you’re just about to iron and NEPA takes the light.


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