Here we are again with another task no one put us to. If anything in this post sounds like you, you can count this as a heads-up. We’ve done our part.

1. Turned Aso-Ebi into an outrageous money-making venture

How can you ask your friends to pay 50k when you bought it for 20k?

2. Ghosted someone just because you can

Can’t save you here, sorry 

3. Made out in the middle of a movie at a cinema, making other people uncomfortable

That spirit of adventure won’t fly here

4. Contested and won an election in Nigeria

Don’t stress it, your space has been booked already. 

5. If you’re a Nigerian tailor or mechanic and have stopped picking your client’s call because you missed a deadline

You know deep down that it’s coming.

6. If you’re a Bolt/Uber driver and have intentionally taken a longer route at least once

What’s that about?

7. Borrowed money from a friend and blocked them when it’s time to pay them back 

Moral of the story: pay people what you owe them.



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