This wasn’t the world tour Africa wanted to participate in (side-eye Beyonce), but it’s the one we’re getting anyway. The coronavirus is making its way around the continent,  with yet another stop in Nigeria.

While no one hopes for the third time to be the charm that sets off its spread around the country — we’re better off taking proactive steps to make sure it stays out of our way, while we stay safe. Who doesn’t want to go back to living it up in 57 like the good old, pre-corona days.

Noting this, the best practice to observe is self-distancing, aka self-quarantining, to prevent exposure to and the spread of the virus between people. But all that time alone is going to require some careful planning and a ton of supplies. To make this easier for you, we’ve whipped up a list of essential supplies to tide you over until it’s relatively safe to come back out to play.


coronavirus essentials

You do not want to be the family asking your neighbours to send you food via drones during quarantine. Nobody will answer you. Stock up on dry foods like beans, rice etc as well as canned foods which are easily preserved.

We have also declared this period of self-quarantine as cheat season. Get your favourite chocolates, biscuits etc, you deserve it, okay?


coronavirus essentials

If you usually buy one dispenser bottle per week, you might want to consider upping that amount during self-distancing. It’s also very important to stay hydrated during this period, so chug up.


Without creating a false scarcity, it would be wise to get a little more petrol in your reserves because NEPA can act up at any time. Do this provided you have enough storage space to safely stow away the fuel.


coronavirus essentials

If you require drugs daily, weekly or routinely enough to support your lifestyle, make sure to get enough supplies to last you during the usual period of self-quarantine which is around 14 days. Drugs like painkillers, digestive aids etc should also be stocked on during this time. While self isolating, it’s also important to stock up on flu medicine, just in case you get the flu. While cold and flu tablets do not cure the cold, they provide relief. There’s recommendation that using paracetamol will also help if you’re experiencing any form of pain.

PSA: Do not panic buy drugs you won’t need.

Feminine hygiene products

coronavirus essentials

Even though self-quarantine should typically last around 14 days, it would be advisable to stock up on feminine hygiene products like pads, tampons and panty liners, skin care products. But just enough to cover your period for the month or a maximum of two months, just to be extra prepared.

Men care products

coronavirus essentials

Unless you’re down to return from self-quarantine sporting a beard that won’t connect (we kid!) don’t forget your shaving cream, shaving sticks, beard oil, skincare products etc, all the necessaries to keep it fly during quarantine.


coronavirus essentials

Y’all nasty asses buy your usual two-packs. You’re not getting that much action this quarantine. Unless you are, then add one more. We don’t need any quaranteens coming from this period of self-distancing okay?


All the soap – dish-washing soap, detergent, bar soap, hand washing soap. All of it. It is imperative to keep a clean and hygienic environment during self-quarantines. It’s also very important to keep clean hands while the virus rages.

TV shows

coronavirus essentials

Right before self-quarantine starts, we advise you use the office wi-fi to the max. Get your fill of everything. You’re actually helping if the subscription has been paid for the month. It’s your duty at this point. S1E1 Assistant Madams, leggo!

However, we have one big warning to issue out – we better not see you leaving Shoprite with your supplies looking like this:

Buy only enough to tide you and your family over for around 14 days.


Because Nepa is bound to fuck up, this is a good time to buy books – build that reading culture that you’ve been shouting about since. Get a range of books, not just fiction, get books related to your career, books that can help you pick a skill or two.



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