As lockdown restrictions have begun to ease across Nigeria, we’re seeing a return to the world of almost confidently ordering amala and ewedu from our favourite bukas and (hopefully) socially distancing when we do go into them.

That said, it seems like it was literally only last week we were stuck at home, left to our devices when it came to getting a little something-something in our bellies. This got us to thinking, just what kind of cook were you when we had a full lockdown? Let’s see:

The kind that finally decided to try out all the recipes and cooking videos downloaded from YouTube.

A little shrimp pad Thai, some grilled chicken fajitas. Enjoyment on 3000.

These were the ones forever tensioning on Instagram stories.

Can we get a crumb of those crab cakes please dear?

The type that watched cooking videos consistently, but always ended up eating the same rice or noodles everyday.

Yeah, we know your type.

The one that suddenly became interested in the welfare of the neighbour during lunchtime.

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‘Oh hi Judith, ahan is that egusi you’re making?’ ‘Let me just sit down here.

The one that had withdrawal symptoms from not being able to dress up and go to restaurants like they used to.

Our sympathies in those trying times.

The ones completely clueless about how to make food, but too scared to order anything from outside.

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We hope you powered through all your self-induced food poisoning sessions?

What kind of ‘cook’ were you during lockdown?


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