A common longing that everyone seems to have these days is that if money were no object, they would spend their time traveling. While you need a minimum amount of money to start planning for your trip, you do not need to be rich to travel the world. If you genuinely want to experience a new country, meet new people and explore diverse cultures, you can do so without breaking the bank. Here are some travel tips to make your trip more affordable. 

Travel like a Backpacker

One of the surest ways of cutting down your travel expenses is to travel like a backpacker, not a tourist. That means staying in dormitories and hostels instead of hotels, walking instead of renting an Uber, and eating street food instead of dining in restaurants. 

It will help you cut your expenses by more than half, and you can extend your travel time as the money lasts longer. You can also carry a tent and sleep in places designated for hikers and backpackers

Look for Deals

While you may not need to plan much ahead if you are only going to be gone for a week, it helps if you want to make a long trip

. Start planning for it by looking up good deals for airfares. The closer you book tickets to the day of departure, the costlier they will be. 

Save up on the miles and use coupons that you can redeem for free accommodation. Always list the vouchers and go over them now and then so that you do not miss out on any deals. 

Pack Light

You don’t want to spend extra dollars to pay for the extra luggage you are hauling. Moreover, the more you carry, the more cumbersome your travel will be. Try to fit everything into a backpack and a shoulder sling, and you will be able to travel with ease, even on foot. 

You wouldn’t have to rent a cab every time you move. Carry comfortable shoes, pack multifunctional clothing and only pack the essentials for toiletries. 

Opt for Experiences Over Style 

If you want to save while traveling, try to avoid the regular touristy things that others engage in, and opt to acquire more experiences instead. For example, if you are traveling to Northern Europe, try to see the northern lights from Iceland instead of only shopping on the high streets of Norway or Sweden. 

Or, you could try hiking instead of only visiting indoor spaces like museums and art galleries. It would be a great experience as you would experience the sights and sounds of the places, instead of only what you could tick off the list you downloaded from the internet. 

Try to get acquainted with the locals; they will point out all the places where you can have unique experiences. 

Traveling is addicting; once you see you can travel with very little money, you will not want to stop. Do your research about budget accommodations, meals, flights, and travel, and you will surely make your money last longer. 


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