15 Things That Are Too Real For Yoruba People In Nigeria

1. When you have “Mummy” across the entire southwest.

2. When you have to add “brother/sister” to every name. Even nicknames.

3. When your school uniform is 10 sizes too big.

4. When there are different names for the beatings your parents give you.

5. When you hear that Amala is ready.

6. When your dreams are not in line with your parents’ dream.

7. When you try to hand your mother – or anyone – anything with your left hand.

8. When you try to get back your money from your mom.

9. When you try to slimfit your clothes.

10. When Ankara functions as towel, blanket and cover cloth.

11. When you have to finish your Eba before you can even touch the meat.

12. When your parents NEVER give you the amount of money you ask for.

13. When running an errand is so confusing.

14. When you try to marry someone from another tribe.

15. When you realize your Yoruba demon days are over.

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