10 Times Fat People Have The Urge To Punch You In The Throat

September 3, 2019

It’s a well-known fact that Nigerians can be fucking rude. But there’s an extra level of disrespect they give to fat people, regardless of if they’re familiar with them or not. It’s even more annoying because when the recipients of this disrespect react angrily, they’re told to calm down because “it’s just jokes.”

Annoying ass jokes like:

1) When people meet you for the first time and start calling you “Biggie” or “orobo“.

At least TRY to be original.

2) When people call you Yokozuna (after the professional wrestler) like you haven’t already heard that like a thousand times.

Someone get Netflix on the phone!

3) When you’re about to sit in a chair and someone jokes about how it might collapse under your weight if you don’t sit gently.

Hell will reject you too because its residents hate stupidity.

4) When random people start giving you health advice you sure as hell didn’t ask them for.

Isn’t your mother the type to REALLY sit around the house when she sits around the house? Go advise her.

5) When a bus conductor jokes about charging you for two seats.

Try me.

6) When you run into friends you haven’t seen in a while and they start your interaction with a line about how you’ve gotten fatter.

Were you raised by animals?

7) When someone jokes about all your clothes (including underwear) being tailor-made because you can’t possibly find your size in the market.

Oh, you didn’t know?

8) When someone offers you food but you turn it down and they act surprised.

Take your food and get out.

9) When someone jokes about how much they could make selling your body parts in the market.

Also, I’m calling the police.

10) When someone makes a joke about you possibly crushing your partner during sex.

Low blow, man. Low blow.

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