This was seriously the most important part, and usually took like half a day.

…usually went down in the backyard.

The birthday girl got to rock her ‘telephone wire’ hairstyle with a flood of colorful clips.

…and the birthday boy got a nice cut, usually with a side parting.

There was usually an unhealthy looking Barney (or a Clown that was more scary than funny).


…and he never even tried to sound like the Barney on TV.

Then they just had to play these 2 songs:

1. Unleash the dragon

2. Thong song

Sisqo was basically present at every ’90s birthday party.

Then a game of musical chairs


…which more often than not, turned pretty violent

At this point, everybody is already impatiently eyeing the party jollof rice and “minerals”.

…so it gets shared. Which is the real reason half the guests came in the first place.

The celebrant then gets to dance.

not sure bday

By themselves, of course.

Can’t risk them being outshined by THAT oversabi child.

oversabi 4

‘You can go and shine at your own birthday party, please.’

After that, all the other kids are allowed to “show themselves”

….usually for a chance to win something.

Then the pictures with the celebrant and their cake begins

enough pics

Alternating between young guests, old guests, parents, and it just goes on and on and on.

…with this song playing in the background.

Sigh! The nostalgia.

Then the cake and the party packs are shared

party pack

The contents rarely mattered as long as half of it was edible.


…and then everyone leaves, till it’s time for someone else’s birthday party.

Featured Image: Celeb Mobile Wall


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