This Is How Valentine’s Day Always Went Down In Secondary School

January 29, 2019
February is upon us and with it yet another Valentine’s day. I can’t think of Valentine’s day today without reminiscing on how it always went down in secondary school. Secret valentines and cheap most likely contraband gifts were often the highlight of everyone’s’ day. And even though we all obviously didn’t go to the same secondary school, these things always happened.

When you hear that popular kid in your class talking about how they got too many gifts and you didn’t even get common card.

Even the secret valentine they paired you with didn’t give you anything.

When they pair you up for Valentine’s day and you are trying to explain to your parents that you have to bring a gift.

No ma, it’s not what you think ma.

When you ask your parents for money for Valentine’s day party.

Is that what they are teaching you people in school? How to be romancing?

When the person you were doing boyfriend/girlfriend with doesn’t get you anything.

Your plan is to disgrace me abi?

Or even worse when they break up with you a day before Valentine’s day.

They’ll now come back after to tell you it was a mistake and they were not feeling too fine that day.

When your secondary school bae goes all out for your gift and the whole school is talking about you guys that day.

Is this what it feels like to be famous?

You thinking of what lie you can use to collect money from your parents on top Valentine’s gift for bae.

You’ll even empty your small savings to join.

When you get teddy bear and one rose for a babe and another guy gets her a hamper full of everything except car.

That was your earliest lesson in all fingers are not equal.

How you felt after saving your pocket money for a month to buy a gift for your crush and they said ‘no thanks’.

You should have kuku just killed me.

Meanwhile you reading this, what are your Valentine’s day plans? You are still single abi?

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