This Is For You If Mondays Stress You TF Out

October 7, 2019

You’d think that, by now, you would have accepted that five days out of the seven in a week are not yours. Like at what point does this adulting thing become a normal routine? You would be having the best time of your life (by your standards) until Sunday creeps in to remind you that the hustle is about to start again.

Well, let’s see if we understand your relationship with Mondays and all the things that come with them.

1. Getting down to setting three different alarms on Sunday evening:

You couldn’t trust yourself to wake at the right time. You would like to do this on your own terms, but it will likely end in tears.

2. After you’d hit the snooze twice to sleep for 30 more minutes, but you woke up 2 hours later:

Well, you can’t blame anyone but yourself for this. Clown act number 1.

3. Narrowly missing the craziest part of rush hour:

That was a close one. Maybe God’s got you this time.

4. When the reality that you didn’t get a head-start on work over the weekend starts to sink in:

The saying is work hard, play hard. But you took it to another level, didn’t you? Look where that has gotten you to now. Clown act number 2.

5. Giving work your best shot but the only thing on your mind is food:

It gets worse when you realise that you would probably be eating out for the most part – oh, the dent in your account.

6. Working yourself to a frenzy so you could leave but new tasks keep coming up:

LMAO if you thought you could catch a freaking break.

7. When you finally clear out the last task on your desk for the day:

Massive danger averted. Now, you only need to keep going for four more days.

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