We’re tired of parties where people just show up and dance. It’s time to try something new, like a colour-themed party. They’re fun, creative and they stand out. Here’s the guide to throwing such a party. 

Pick a colour

Obviously, it’s a colour-themed party, so of course you have to choose a colour first. We suggest danfo yellow or owambe pink. Be creative with it, don’t be boring. 

Have a colour dress code 

Don’t just make people come dressed according to the colour theme you choose. Add a twist. Maybe have people come as their favourite Nollywood characters but according to the colour theme. Imagine Pete Edochie but in all green (including a green beard).

Make it different 

What did we say in the first point? Don’t be boring. Don’t do the regular party where everybody just comes dressed in the colour chosen and it ends there. Tell a story with your party. Have a theme, something like Gordon’s playground party. 

Make it fun

People can’t just come and dance Ijo laba laba or leg work all night long. Create unique activities and games so people can interact and have fun. We don’t mean extreme games like Truth or Dare abeg.

Have colourful treats

Imagine people eating purple pasta or green chicken at your party. It’ll be mad. Another thing you can do is have people bring different foods and snacks according to the colour theme. Some people may bring yellow eba and egusi sha if you choose yellow. So choose carefully.

Have colourful drinks 

If you don’t have drinks, how will the party be lit? Just ask Zikoko to be your bartender, and we’ll give you all sorts of colourful cocktails. Or maybe try out Gordon’s new Sunset Orange and Pink Berry flavoured gin.

By the way, Gordon’s has two new flavoured gins, Sunset Orange, and Pink Berry. Pink Berry is a delicious pink berry gin with the fruity sweetness of pink berries. Sunset Orange is a delicious and fresh juicy orange gin. Both are best enjoyed with tonic and ice; but you can also have them neat.

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