The Secret Horror Stories Of Young People Trying To Leave Nigeria

March 2, 2020

Does it seem like every week someone you know is leaving the country? or everyone you know is making plans to leave?

Well, for every successful person, there are ten other people whose tale did not have a happy ending. Here are some of the stories.

Alex – 25.

“I have taken the IELTS (test of English exam) almost seven times. I am tired because I keep getting 6.5 in writing and I just need 7.0 to go to Canada under express entry. I earn N120,000 per month and each month, for the past 7 months, I have had to remove almost N80,000 for the exam. As you see me, I don’t have savings and I don’t have IELTS.”

Taiwo – 26.

After getting a scholarship for my Masters in the U.S, those fuckers denied me visa. I have money in my account, stellar grades, and admission letter. So, what’s their problem? I tried to appeal three times last year and I wasted my time because no difference. The last appeal was in Abuja and I almost had an accident because I was rushing to the airport so I wouldn’t miss my flight from Lagos. In hindsight, it was probably a bad idea telling the bike man to “gbera”.

It can pain sha. All the wasted time and effort with nothing to show for it.”

Deola – 24.

See, beware of who you call your friend. Not everyone that smiles with you wishes you well. I got a year-long loan from a friend but I didn’t tell him what it was for. I fixed it in my account to use as proof of funds for migration. Somehow, my friend found out that I wanted to leave the country and he called me saying I think I am better than him and is he the one that doesn’t need money to leave?

He sha asked me to return his money in 24hours or risk police wahala. I have not been that confused in my life. My mum eventually had to take a loan for me to settle this matter. God bless that woman mehn.

Razaq – 37.

I lost my job in 2018. Losing your job is not the end of the world because you can bounce back, however, it is proving difficult. Everyone says that they can’t afford to pay me because I have experience. Even after requesting for a pay cut, no response still. It’s frustrating because I have a family to take care of.

Since I lost my job, I have been considering leaving. If Nigeria is good, will I even think of leaving?

See, I want my kids to play football and not have to struggle like this. I have been trying to get a work permit to even go first and then send for my family once I settle. Last year, someone on LinkedIn promised me a Dubai work visa and duped me of N1 million. I am trying the U.K now with another person and it seems legit. Only time will tell.

Hassan Yahaya

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