As much as you may want to stay indoors forever, that’s simply not possible. Well, it can be for the most part, but once in a while, you may find yourself outside. 

So whether you’re an introvert or just sick of human beings, here’s how to enjoy parties as an introvert. 

Prepare yourself

Shey you know that saying about failing to prepare and preparing to fail. So whether you’d take the days before the event to stay indoors and enjoy the solitude, or you’d start going to new places days before to ease yourself into going outside and socialising. Find whatever works for you and prepare yourself. 

Know the guest list

Imagine going to a party where you don’t know anyone besides the host. You’d now be stuck with an unending chain of “what’s your name, how do you do?” questions.

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Go with your friend 

At least you’ll have someone to gist with during the party. And since you’re already friends, there’ll be no pressure on you to force conversations. 

Join the game

Sure,  truth or dare may come up during the party, and you may be dared to make out with someone or show another person your underwear, but at least you’re not just sitting in a corner.

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Do the listening 

Nigerians like to talk, so don’t be surprised if you ask them one question and they respond by telling you about a million other things you don’t care about. Just make sure you nod your head at intervals, smile and throw in an “ehen?” or “hmmm” once in a while, so they  think you’re paying attention.

Take breaks 

Nobody can kuma beat you. If you’re feeling exhausted from all the socialising, just find somewhere you can go to be alone. 

Have an exit plan 

Even before you go, have a list of excuses urgent reasons why you need to leave. So if or when you get tired of the party, you can just slip out. 

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