You’ve probably heard the saying, “God only gives you time and place. The rest is in your hands”. If you meet your future partner in any of these seven places, just know it’s a sign your relationship will be sweet.

ATM booth

What better place to meet your future partner than at an ATM queue? Falling in love over money is basically good vibes for your love life.

Filling station

This is how you know your partner has the hustling spirit everyone needs to survive. They’ll do all the struggling while you settle into that soft life.

Police station

Your partner will at least try to fight for your right when anything happens in life. Whether or not they’ll be able to get you justice is another issue entirely.


You can tell right off the bat that they love enjoyment, and your relationship will be filled with fun. They might still show you pepper, but you’ll sha enjoy.


You need to start hanging around airports, and be on the lookout for people with blue passports. What’s better than a love that can take you to greener pastures?

The beach

You’ll only find the soft and peaceful type who won’t stress your life.   

Someone’s marital home

Who says the love of your life can’t be another person’s partner? Don’t let something as silly as marriage stop you from finding love.

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