7 Nigerians Get Brutally Honest About “Okafor’s Law”

October 28, 2020

According to Okafor’s Law, once a man has mind-blowing sex with a woman, he can have sex with her whenever he wants. While many consider it to be a sexist myth, myself included, others think it holds some merit.

So, I decided to ask a few Nigerians to share their honest thoughts about the law, and opinions were unsurprisingly split. Here are 7 of the most interesting answers I got.

Dozie, 28/Male/Straight

Okafor’s Law is more accurate than the laws of physics. Women rarely have good sex, so they’ll manage the little they get. As long as the sex is above average, it will most likely happen again.

I remember one babe that tried to fight it. She told me to block her everywhere, but she ended up asking a mutual friend to beg me to unblock her. It’s sad, but there isn’t enough good dick to choose from.

Ada, 30/Female/Straight

Okafor’s Law is a sexist myth. I think Nigerian men say it a lot because they want it to be true. If your ex is still fucking you, it’s because she hasn’t found better, not because your dick is irresistible.

If it were true, men wouldn’t always be lamenting about how babes free them when they don’t have money. If it’s a law, they should have no problem fucking those exes that freed them for being broke.

I’m not surprised an Igbo man came up with it. I mean, who is Okafor if not a confused misogynist? Personally, I could never sleep with any of my exes. I actually get grossed out when they try their luck.

James, 43/Male/Straight

Okafor’s Law is, unfortunately, true for both men and women. If the sex was great, it will definitely happen again as long as the opportunity presents itself. The law actually ruined my marriage.

One of my exes moved close to my house, and that was the beginning of the end. We were both married, but that didn’t stop us from sleeping with each other for three years. My wife eventually found out and left me.

I had to block the ex everywhere because we couldn’t turn each other down whenever we met. So, yeah, I think Okafor’s Law is an undeniable fact, as long as the sex is memorable.

Nike, 25/Female/Straight

I think Okafor’s Law is undeniable. Anybody that says it’s a myth is just living a fake life. Granted, I think it depends on how things ended with the person(s) in question. 

If it didn’t end in a disastrous manner, then I don’t see what’s stopping it from happening again and again, especially if you’re both around each other and still feeling yourselves. 

Tobi, 29/Male/Straight

The version of Okafor’s Law I believe in is gender-neutral, and I think it applies to men more than women. Men rarely have shame, so we are more likely to hook up with an old fuck buddy, no questions asked.

Mayode, 27/Female/Straight

Okafor’s Law is a sexist myth. I’ve only been with 2 ex-lovers, and it’s not for lack of the others trying. There’s always better (or at least super close) dick out there, so why would anyone be unable to turn down an ex?

Joseph, 30/Male/Straight

I’m conflicted. I think the traditional definition of the law is pretty sexist. It assumes that women don’t have any agency. Like, no matter what, she will say yes simply because an old flame wants to fuck.

That being said, I believe it’s more likely that you will hook up with someone that has already proven to be good in bed, regardless of gender. I don’t think it’s a law that’s set in stone, but it’s definitely more likely.

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