1. So you are busy minding your business.

2. And all of a sudden, someone comes to declare their undying love for you!

3. Normally, you would be happy oh!

4. But in this case, you don’t feel the same way.

5. So now you are wondering what to do.

6. Firs of all, there is no need to shout!

7. Remain cool, calm and collected.

8. Then thank them for their interesting declaration.

9. Now you have a few options from here.

10. Firstly, you can run away and keep running whenever you see them.

11. Secondly, you can sit down and start talking about your spirit husband and kids.

12. Finally, you can say you’re unavailable and wish them the best ….

13. But that would be mature, and we don’t do that here.


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