1. This Insane Phone

I still don’t know how to use this phone tbh.

2. Cameras with film

Remember when you would take a couple of pictures and then wait weeks to find out if they were fine or not? LOL

3. The Disc Man

These things were so bulky ehn. They couldn’t even fit in your pocket. You had to hold them in your hand. Chai.

4. VHS Cassette Tapes

Remember how the tape would get dirty and you would have to literally clean it with spirit. Remember how, when you rent a tape, you would have to rewind it to the beginning and you would close your eyes so you don’t see any part of the movie that would spoil it for you. We suffered sha oh.

5. When there was no Netflix

To watch your favorite show, you had to catch it on TV. If you missed it, it was gone forever.

6. When there were no smart phones and you had to record songs from the speaker of radios.

If someone talks by mistake during your ‘recording session’, the whole thing is ruined.

7. When TVs didn’t have remote controls.

Every time you wanted to change the channel or raise the volume, you had to walk to the TV.

8. When phones didn’t have QWERTY keyboards.

Remember when you had to press one button 3 times to get one letter?

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