1. Whenever you see them coming, your heart is like:

2. When they say hello, what you hear is:

I love you too baby.

3. When you see them and think you’re acting natural, what you’re doing is:

“This is how I behave all the time.”

4. When HR sends another memo “strongly discouraging” relationships between co-workers.

Please who asked you oh?

5. When they offer you a ride home, you’re like:

Yes, you can also come inside the house and live with me if you so desire.

6. When there is an office bonding programme and you end up on the same team as your crush.

Time for love!

7. When they bring their wedding invite to the office and give you.

Please which day did this one have a partner oh?

8. You at their wedding while everyone is dancing and having a good time

I don’t get why everyone is happy!

9. When they try to continue like they haven’t just broken your heart

Go and joke with your spouse thank you!

10. When you are now over them, you say goodbye to the one sided love like:

Bye bye to kalo kalo!


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