1. When you get added to a group chat without warning.

What the hell?

2. When you try to leave a whatsapp group and they add you back like:

Is it by force?

3. You, in your family whatsapp group like:


4. When the group admin is using everyone to catch trips.

5. When the group members are no longer having it.

It’s only right.

6. You, when your friends start fighting in the group.

Continue, please.

7. This struggle:

The worst.

8. When you open the chat after the gist has already finished.

It can pain.

9. When someone leaves the group and you become the admin.

Time to add ‘Administrative Skills’ to my CV.

10. When you’re ranting in the group and no one is answering you.

See my life.

11. Whenever a group member posts a joke everyone has already seen.

Oga, keep up.

12. When someone gets kicked out with style:

Na wa for you people.

13. When you do your finishing move:

The best.

14. How you feel when you’re finally out of the group.



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