1. You, trying to find the easiest project topic available.

I’m not trying to win best project, biko.

2. You, weighing the options of just paying someone to do the whole thing.

I cannot stress myself.

3. When you remember that you’re too broke for that.

Damn it!

4. How you see your project supervisor:

The enemy.

5. When you’re proud of the chapter you submitted and your supervisor tells you it’s rubbish.

Hay God!

6. When you’re still in chapter one and your course mates are already talking about rounding up.

Who are these ones?

7. You, calculating how you’ll scam your parents in the name of project.

Can’t dull it.

8. When your laptop starts behaving like it wants to crash.

Not today, satan. Not today.

9. When your supervisor starts talking about plagiarism.

Please behave yourself.

10. How the panel looks at you when you’re about to defend.

Who did I offend?


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