1. When you manage to finally scrape enough money to buy Brazilian hair.

I’m now a big girl!

2. When you have to struggle to keep your hair neat so you can re-use it.

I’m not liking this stress!

3. When your Brazilian hair is already looking rough after just 3 months.

What is this nonsense?

4. When your boyfriend chooks mouth and says your hair is too rough.

Oya give me money to make it now!

5. How you turn your head into a drum when your weave is not having sense.

Hay God!

6. How you have to avoid hugging people so they won’t smell your hair.

Let’s not embarrass ourselves o!

7. When your natural hair is proving stubborn and starts pushing the weave off your head.

This hair, respect yourself please!

8. When you want to buy another Brazilian weave, and the price has tripled in the market.

I’m not on seat abeg!

9. When someone mistakenly hugs you.

“Is it hair that is smelling like this?”

10. When the weave turns into iron sponge and even breaks your brush.

Double wahala!


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