1. When he finally scrapes enough money to buy the latest Mercedes.

Because he has arrived!

2. When he sees the keys to his old Peugeot, he’s like.

Levels don change!

3. How he ‘examines’ the car every 10 seconds.

‘I just want to check the engine’.

4. You, when his friends come and he starts doing shakara with the car.

We will not hear word again now!

5. How he reacts when his friends want to help him test drive the car.


6. How he starts shouting when you just touch the car small.

See stress.

7. When you think someone has kidnapped your dad, and you find him in the car doing nothing.

‘I just want to relax small’.

8. All the different car alarms he parks to disturb the whole neighborhood.

Too much stress.

9. When your mum wants to use the car because her own car is faulty.

‘Please sir’.

10. How he drives your mom’s car when the whole family is going to somewhere very rough and bumpy.

‘My own car is not kabu kabu!’


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