1. When it’s finally Christmas after a long year of studying

2. So you rush home from school excited

3. And map out your attendance strategy for Christmas rocks

4. Then you remember that you don’t have any money and nobody gives you Christmas money anymore

5. So you decide to ask your parents for some

6. And they say “there’s no money, sit in the house”

7. So all your plans for fun get ruined

8. And you’re doomed to spending the holidays stuck at home while all your friends have fun

9. But you get jealous of your friends and decide to ask your parents for money one more time

10. Then they hit you with “what’s your GPA again?”

11. So you finally accept the fact that that you’ll spend Christmas being a pseudo maid

12. And you spend Christmas cooking and washing plates while your friends turn up

13. And dealing with annoying guests who somehow think you’re a food serving machine

14. And dealing with annoying aunties who keep saying how much you’ve grown

15. And uncles who keep asking you how school is

16. And none of them even offer you money when they are leaving

17. So you decide to sneak out to a party

18. Then your parents hit you with “who is going to clean this mess?”

19. So you silently go back to washing plates

20. Then you realise that Christmas is over and school resumes in a few days


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