Now that controversial presidential candidate, Donald Trump, is President of the USA, we can definitely expect hundreds of shocking news stories. These are some of them:

1. “Donald Trump Deports All Nigerians, Also Dumps Unidentified Africans In Nigeria”

2. “Donald Trump Says Theresa May Needs To Visit A Salon, And Leave The Work To Real Men”

3. “Donald Trump Attends Kanye West’s Concert, Raps On Stage With Him”

4. “Donald Trump Repaints The White House To Gold, Renames It Trump Towers 2”

5. “Donald Trump Packs His Hair In Shuku, Says He Gets Inspiration From Justin Bieber”

6. “Donald Trump Announces Ivanka Trump As His First Lady, Says She’ll Take Over Leading The USA After Him”

7. “Donald Trump Builds A Wall Round Mexico, Sends Bill To Mexico”

8. “President Trump Makes Melania Trump His Chief Bullying And Trolling Officer”

9. “President Trump Announces Everything Was Just A Prank, Says Hilary Clinton Is Real President”



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