1. First and foremost, lose your useless accent if you don’t want to do yourself.

It cannot help your case.

2. Refine your pidgin game so they know you’re hardcore.

Because you’re from the streets!

3. No need to slay with your dressing, this is not a red carpet show.

Search for the worst combination in your wardrobe.

4. Prepare your self to price like a pro.

This is war!

5. Eat everything you see before leaving the house.

For added strength and stamina.

6. When they call price, divide it by 3 and tell them that’s what you’re paying.

Shake your purse so they’ll see it’s very empty.

7. If they don’t agree, throw it in their faces and walk with shakara to someone else.

Do as you please!

8. If the other person is not having sense too, let them know.

Why are they carrying shoulder?

9. Settle on the one trader that finally agrees.

Because he has more sense.

10. Make him your new best friend.

Number 1 padi!


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