1. When you say you have a headache and they’re like

“Don’t you know where the panadol is?”

2. When they tell you to go and bring ventolin tablet

Are we doing the nurse work together abi how will I know ventolin?

3. When you get a wound and you know spirit and iodine never runs out in mummy’s room

My enemies have done it again.

4. When you have small stomach ache and they remove needle and syringe

It’s not yet up to that now, abi?

5. When you’re really sick and your mum turns your room to hospital

Madam, can’t we just go to an actual hospital?

6. When your friends are talking about their hospital experiences, you’re like:

There’s hospital in my room.

7. How people rush to your house to collect drugs or injection for free

Issa bonanza!

8. When you see your mum giving herself injection for the first time

Weh done ma!

9. When your friends are sick and you start telling them what to use because you’re now a pro

Because I know too much book.

10. When your mum is on night shift, you’re like:

Who will now cook night food for me o?


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