1. You, considering your entry into the world of makeup after enough years of white powder and wet lips.

Shall I finish them with my enhanced beauty or not?

2. When you first check out the world of beauty vloggers for tips and ideas.

So many options!

3. You, calculating your budget for makeup.

Maybe only 3500 for foundation, eyeliner, blush and lipstick abi?

4. When you now go to stores and find out makeup is not cheap oh, especially the “tush” brands.

So all my money will finish here?

5. You, looking for your shade of foundation.

Is it not better to just be rubbing white powder like this?

6. When you finally find your shade of foundation.

Success at last!

7. The first time you try to apply eyeliner and it’s not as easy as you thought.

Na wa for this thing oh!

8. The first time you apply full face makeup and the whole thing is jagga jagga.

Is this my life?

9. When the eyebrow lady makes a mistake and now you look angry all the time.

Because I wanted to do beauty oh!

10. When you make the rookie mistake of sleeping with your makeup on and now your skin is looking terrible.

HAYYY look at my skin oh!

11. When you think you look nice, and your friend asks you why your face is looking somehow.

Can you imagine?

12. When you hear how much make-up artists are charging.


13. When you finally master all the techniques, you’re like:



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