1. When you say you’re hungry and he suggests you drink water

What kind of human being is this one?

2. When he tries to pick fights close to valentines day so he doesn’t have to buy you a present.

Olodo! This plan cannot work.

3. When he pays for something and keeps bringing it up over and over and over again.

Let’s hear word please!

4. When your friends ask you what he got you for your birthday and you’re too ashamed to say.

“He bought me recharge card”.

5. When your mother sees you with him, she’s like:

“When will you leave this useless boy alone?”

6. When he’s stingy even with compliments.

“You are looking okay sha.”

7. When you are trying to break up with him and he starts calculating all the money he has spent on you.

Is this one okay at all?

8. When after all the calculations ,the money is not up to 5000 naira.

After 2 years of dating? Please come and see oh!


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