1. So it’s another February 14, and you are here again.

2. Just looking and looking because you’re single.

3. Your frenemies have been asking, “What are you up to?” like they don’t know the answer is “Nothing”.

4. And your social media is full of mockery of single people on Valentine’s Day.

5. To avoid unnecessary stress, it’s important to plan because failing to plan is planning to fail.

6. Make sure you create plenty of unnecessary work for yourself, even though it’s a Sunday.

7. Because an idle mind is the devil’s work shop.

8. Block that ex that always finds a way to start useless conversations, especially on holidays, special days and birthdays.

9. Before desperation lands you in a sticky situation for another 8 months.

10. Then bring your own lunch, so you wont have to go to eateries and see everyone with their lover.

11. When your colleagues try to crack valentines day jokes, just look at them like:

12. And when your parents try to use your single status on valentines day to talk about marriage, just tell them:

13. You, the next day, when all the noise is over and it’s back to normal:


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