1. When google maps says it will take you 3 hours to get somewhere.

Am I travelling to heaven?

2. When your mum tells you to cook food that is meant to take 3 hours to prepare.

Sorry ma , you and who?

3. When people say there is no easy way out.

I laugh in “let’s bet”.

4. When someone expects you to use a broom when there is a vacuum cleaner.

Are you not insane like this?

5. When you see “just add water” cake mix and pancake mix.

Look at God!

6. When you have an assignment that your professor says will require at least 12 hours of research.

On your own sir!

7. When you have 12 errands to do and you are trying to see how you can do 4 at a time.

How shall I conquer?

8. When your short cut does not work and now it will take you twice as long to sort everything out.

Na wa oh!


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